I haven’t worked in the real world for years!

Whenever I tell a group about my services, there’s always a woman who asks, “Where were you five years ago when I was going through my divorce?” — LuAnn Brown, Career Coach

The number of years vary, and the situation might not be divorce, but the stories are still the same.  They’ve been out of the workforce for a long time, and aren’t sure how to get back in.

Going back to work after you’ve been out for a long time can be daunting. 

SarahIf you’ve spent years working to take care of your home, your children, then you might wonder what employers would see in you that would make them willing to hire you.  So one of the first things to learn when you’re in this situation is that you are employable — and you don’t necessarily have to start with an entry level job.

In some ways, you’re like a student standing at the crossroads of many paths, trying to decide which one to take.  Sound scary?  Maybe it is, but it’s also exciting!

Like a student, you don’t have a long history in a specific career track that hems you in and makes it seem particularly difficult to veer off onto the path that you want to follow.  But unlike a student, once you choose your path, you have years of experience that you can draw from and use to help you get started.

We’ll help you consider all aspects of yourself and look for a career that will fit all of you.

For example, does spending time with a lot of people energize you or does it drain your energy?  Do you hate crisis situations, or do you really come alive when a crisis hits?  Do you enjoy the process of implementing a plan and seeing it through to the end or do you get restless and bored with it before it’s finished?  Are you happy dealing with abstract concepts, ideas, and theories, or do you need to have something tangible to show for your work? Would you rather work on a project of your own or on a group project? 

There are actually eight different factors that you should consider whenever you make a career decision.  The examples above are only a few of the questions you’ll encounter in the Abilities and Personal Style factors — and there are six more factors to consider!  It’s called the Whole Person Approach, and it’s the path to building a career that will fit you.   

You have a wonderful opportunity to find the career that really fits you.  Let us help you take full advantage of it!  Take a look at how the Whole Person Approach works and then contact us to talk about how we can help.